“She’s Not the Hurting Kind” by Anton Commissaris

Sometimes, you got to give some credit to the old school! At times, you just want to get suited up and go to a fancy party with someone playing a jazzy piano and singing. If you go to said fancy party, chances are you’ll hear the vocal stylings of Anton Commissaris.

Musically, this is so great! Something that I particularly love about the music is the jazzy sound. You don’t get too many modern songs that sound like this, and I think that it makes Anton stand out in a wonderful way. It has this old-school, vocal pop feel to it, almost like a Sinatra song, and that personally makes me well up with joy.

Now, I know that I’ll typically talk about lyrics after I talk about the music, but I first want to talk about the vocals. This man’s voice is phenomenal! As I said, this feels like an old-school song, and his voice truly leans into that. It feels like the perfect blend of Frank Sinatra and Michael Bublé, both people whose voices were the powerhouse. Honestly, it’s a hard style to pull off in a day and age where production is so important, but Anton Commissaris manages to make his voice the focal point while the music itself is a perfect addition.

Both parts of the song are essential, it’s just that his voice is so strong that you could see this being acapella and you wouldn’t have any objections to it. That said, I still love the piano in it and think that it adds to the old-school flair. 

Lyrically, this is another great old-school vibe. He starts off by saying, “I’m just a simple man, I’m just trying to understand what I feel inside when I hold her hand”. First off, multi-syllabic rhyme schemes will always be top-notch, but second, you can tell that this isn’t the traditional love song.

This song is about infatuation, but also being scared to be alone. He sings, “The world is a lonely place”, which signifies that he’s nervous about what could come next if someone doesn’t come along. That said, he also talks about this “fever going away”, which (in my opinion) is the feeling of butterflies in your stomach when you meet someone new. I think that it’s really cool how he expertly mixes the two concepts and again, it adds to that old-school feeling. Seriously, check out some oldies and tell me that they don’t hit the same concepts, subliminally or overt!

Overall, “She’s Not the Hurting Kind” by Anton Commissaris is an amazing song. Listening to it makes you want to put on a suit and pretend you’re at a jazz kitchen! Check this song out, and check out more music by Anton Commissaris!

Written by Marcus Norris





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