“I Am Tracking You” (feat. AENDZI) by Activ8te

Activ8te’s single “I Am Tracking You” (feat. AENDZI) is a very apt song at a time when concerns about data privacy and website tracking software are at an all-time high.

It’s a compelling narrative from the perspective of a hacker in the distant future, the video includes shots of dystopian sci-fi landscapes, in a very Blade Runner-esque style. The first verse runs through how the hacker saw into your bedroom, through your varying digital devices. The overarching theme remains the same throughout the song. Whoever is tracking you is definitely not afraid to sell your data to the highest bidder. The chorus makes this clear:

“I’m tracking you/
I know you can’t see it but/
I’m watching you/
Your secrets are all mine to sell.”

The second verse leading into the final chorus fits a similar scheme, with the emphasis being on the secret exchanges of your data with the powers that want it. Behind-the-door deals that no one can see, with information you don’t know, are being traded. The song is an apt representation of the extreme end of worries concerning cyber-security. Especially in an age where we are so globally connected by technology, the call for tighter restrictions on data tracking software is becoming more important the more sophisticated the technology has become.

“I Am Tracking You” blends styles of EDM and dubstep in a very effective way that really helps elevate the song’s tone by providing a decidedly futuristic sound. I love how the chorus sounds, especially the second chorus right before the outro, paired with fantastic vocals by singer AENDZI making this song definitely worth the listen! I highly recommend this song to anyone who’s into either style of music.

Written by Adrian Carter





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