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“Love Someone” by Zye Ca$h

A declarative and optimistic love ballad with a country twang, “Love Someone” by emerging country cross-genre singer Zye Ca$h voices the desires of many single people on the planet.

Written by Zye and Dustin Lamoureaux, produced by Jake Angel Beats, and mixed by Brandon Manley, “Love Somebody” fuses country, pop, and hip-hop elements.

Expressing his determination to find his desired love, Zye fervently describes the kind of love he’s on the hunt for as a single father. With words like “handwritten letters” and “old school love” in the track,” they denote and portray the type of authentic romance the incipient singer is talking about—you can’t ignore the fact that he used country icons Faith Hill and Tim McGraw as an example.

Zye effectively communicated his thoughts, feelings, and emotions in every aspect of the track, specifically the lyrics.

Through the voluptuous country vocals, silky-smooth guitar riff, and Marvin Gaye-like groove, “Love Somebody” sets the romantic mood (almost in the same manner as a candlelit bath). Zye created an anthem many single parents can relate to, stealing the words from their mouths, hearts, minds, and souls. “Love Someone” is the song a single mom would listen to while soaking in a hot bath with her third glass of rosé.

The country artist embraced the fact he’s a single father and incorporated it into his music, connecting with others.

“I wanted to release something that was a message I could connect too,” Zye said. “As I’m a single father, I wanted that to be a core part of my career as I do everything for a purpose to support my family. With ‘Love Someone,’ I hope people can take this song and relate to it just as much as I do.”

Zye achieved great social media success with his latest single, especially TikTok. In one TikTok video, a woman filmed herself jamming at work to “Love Someone” blasting through the speakers at a store.

“Love Someone” received thousands of streams on music streaming platforms and support from thousands of TikTok users.

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Written by Taylor Berry

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