“Scenes from the Metro” by Bones in Butter

If I were to describe the band, Bones in Butter in one word, I would have to say: versatile. Seriously, Bones in Butter manages to have songs that sound like “Down but Not Out”, while simultaneously creating songs like, “Scenes from the Metro”.

“Scenes from the Metro” is a song that has more of a psychedelic feel to it. From the quiet way it starts to the dreamy sounding guitar to the vocalization throughout the song, this feels so trippy! I love this, simply because it makes Bones in Butter stand out. Having the diversity makes sure that you never get bored listening to them.

Another bold choice is having about one minute of instrumentation and vocalization. In my opinion, having this minute sets us up for the tone of the song. I’ve talked about how artists will make choices in order to set the tone in other reviews, and this is no different. The beginning is basically a minute of reflection.

Lyrically, this song is super strong! In my opinion, this song is about death and the end. The lyrics start with him saying, “We are born to dream, taking our seats, the doors are sliding shut”. The way he frames it is by life being a big metro station. Something that reinforces my belief that this song is about the end of life is that he says, “Sadly this metro, has never arrived on schedule”. In my opinion, this speaks to the absolute randomness of life and death. Sometimes, people meet their end sooner than others and some live longer than others. “Scenes from the Metro” beautifully handles this topic.

Please check out Bones in Butter’s music! They are doing some amazing things right now, and be sure to listen to “Scenes from the Metro”!

Written by Marcus Norris





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