“Father to Daughter” by The Pearce Collective

The sibling songwriting duo, The Pearce Collective, is back with their touching new single “Father To Daughter.” The song is the lead single to their highly anticipated debut EP. The track was inspired by the relationship their mother had with her father/their grandfather and captures the special bond that family has.

The Australian duo, Carol and Michael Pearce, both had long songwriting careers before reconnecting as a pair. The inspiration to join together was due to their mother’s passing in 2016. As a partnership, they are able to challenge each other to become better writers while reconnecting with their roots and their past. They have had their work recognized multiple times as finalists at the Australian Songwriting Association Awards.

The Pearce Collective has lyrics that match beautifully to Carol’s soft and emotional voice as she sings, “lead me on forever, a shadow falls away tonight.” The repetition of “forever” throughout the song drives home how significant some people and relationships can be. The simplicity of this repetition also highlights the complexity of it. It is so special it is almost beyond describing.

The production of this song swells in all the right places. The electric guitar slides only emphasize how rich and real the piece is. The duo recalls finding synergy with their producer John Butler and the attention to detail is apparent throughout. It is one of the songs that you can not only tell it is based on a true story, but you can feel it. The fervent sentiment that pulses through this song shows why The Pearce Collective continues to be recognized as both strong storytellers and songwriters.

Reviewed by Katie Power





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