“Feel Love” by Sano Hill

One of my favorite subjects in music is love. Not necessarily romance, but songs that talk about why love is important. Music that talks about the feeling of love and why it is important. Sano Hill most certainly understands this principle in their song, “Feel Love”.

Musically, this is a rock affair. It has this mashup feel of sounding like some early 2010s indie rock while having undertones of the old school. I think that it blends the sounds together so well and makes it sound unique, in a way that we’ve never heard before, while still having some familiarity that draws you to it.

The lyrics are brilliant. The first lyric of the song is, “Can you feel love, in your soul?” and I love that! Oftentimes, when we hear songs about love, it is always from the perspective of romance or from familial love. We don’t get songs where an artist talks about the emotion itself.

Starting with that lyric is powerful because Sano Hill is talking about feeling love, deep inside yourself, and rising above hate. I love that when the hook comes in, the instruments swell up as well, and when Sano Hill gets to the final “Let it burn” of the chorus, the instruments slowly fade, almost signifying that love is a slow burn.

Sano Hill’s voice is perfect for this topic! He feels like a throwback to the indies while also doing his own thing. He has this unwavering confidence in his voice that keeps you wanting more. It’s also the control he has in his delivery, never too high nor too low, his range makes it all the better.

Sano Hill is an amazing artist who made a song about one of the best topics you can make it about: love. He made a song about love in the best way possible. Do yourself a favor and check out “Feel Love” by Sano Hill!

Written by Marcus Norris





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