“The Photograph” by Bromsen

Bromsen has released “The Photograph” and this addictive track is fun and intriguing all at once. Although this is their second single, it sounds as if they’ve been making music forever. “The Photograph” is a kicked-up song and is worth every single play.

Bromsen has a natural sound, with futuristic synths and perplexing beats and tempos. “The Photograph” proves that they can handle complicated mixes of art pop, indie pop and electronic pop, sounding like nothing listeners have heard before.

The Photograph” was co-written with Bromsens old bandmate Manzari and includes some of their pampelmuse sound.” “The Photograph” is described to be a “song about the rock’n’roll dreams” that Bromsen had when they were younger, and because of this, the song projects those feelings onto listeners.

Listeners cannot wait to hear more of Bromsens retro yet visionary and ultramodern music as with each track release, the songs get better and better. This super-catchy 2:35 track is perfect for those listeners who want to feel free and liberated by music and Bromsen accomplishes that to a tee.

The Photograph” is confident, headstrong, and bold as it captivates its audience and pulls them in for more. “Nobody knows/ nobody knows-” Bromsen repeats, as to get listeners to understand that sometimes nobody knows what they are doing during their existence.

Bromsen pays considerable attentive care to the fact of life pulling people in multiple directions and how things can change by a shift in the wind. Make sure you follow Bromsen on their epic musical journey.  

Reviewed by Demornay Bester




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