A jack of all trades, Asheville-based artist Dustin Goldklang opens the door of his musical home to bring his bedroom punk infused sound for his solo project LITTLE CHAMPION. The project came to be after he was inspired to start playing the guitar again during the 2020 lockdown. The singer released his new track “Oops I Got Sad” infused with rhythmic melodies and driving electric guitars.

The lyricism is strong and highlights the anger and sadness when going through a rough patch or breakup, while still being upbeat enough for someone to just jam out to on their playlist. His influence of Jack Antonoff’s Bleachers shines through Goldklang’s softer conversational singing tone. Goldklang’s choice of genre allows the listener to see right inside his head, as he is the writer, producer, mixer, performer – basically every element of the song was touched by him alone.

The song’s infectious sound and darker lyrics are right on par with something you might find on Paramore’s After Laughter. Lyrics worth highlighting are “maybe a sunset would help if it made me feel small / you say I can be happy I’m calling your bluff.” This shows off Goldklang’s use of attitude and imagery throughout the song. There is a sense of sarcasm and bitterness in how he processes his feelings – which can happen when you feel betrayed by someone and like you will never be happy again. LITTLE CHAMPION is expressing vulnerable and vibrant feelings as a one-man band full of passion and talent.

Reviewed by Katie Power

Photo by Rita Kovtun





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