“Black and White” by CHARLES HS

Bursting onto the indie pop scene, Kent-based artist CHARLES HS has released his new single “Black and White.” With vibey production and thoughtful lyrics, CHARLES HS has proven himself as an artist with mainstay power in the genre. The new indie-pop single is a part of his first project of 2023 “Moonlight / Black and White.”

The project was done entirely by himself. This includes writing, recording, mixing, and mastering. At just 20 years old, CHARLES HS has got the skills of some who have been in the industry much longer. CHARLES HS is already hard at work with upcoming projects such as more single releases and an EP set to come out early this summer.

“Black and White” plays with sampling of old conversations and echoing harmonies, creating this vintage, reflective environment. The guitar compliments the story as they glide throughout the song. It is a great listen for fans of bands like The 1975 and singers such as Shawn Mendes.

CHARLES HS has a comfortable yet unique sound that it can be plugged into any top hits or study playlist. Throughout the song he is able to capture feelings of time wasted and wishing things could be simpler. Longing for a more predictable or comfortable reality like a TV show instead of the complicated world we live in.

When asked about the lyrics of the song, CHARLES HS shared, “I was feeling tired and alone and wanted to go back to a place of happiness and nostalgia, I felt trapped.”

Reviewed by Katie Power

Photo by Luis Ramsey





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