“Thanks for Coming” by Foundry Town Survivors

Go on an exciting road trip with Roots Rock duo Foundry Town Survivors as they share their new single “Thanks For Coming.” The song tells a captivating story of the towns forgotten with the introduction of highways that bypassed their roads. It left the towns questioning how to pivot after the world already had forgotten about them. The duo consists of lifelong friends Mark Tomorsky and Tommy Johnsmiller. The two find common ground in their songwriting through their detailed imagery and lyricism depicting the life of blue-collar work in the Midwest.

“Thanks For Coming” has a classic soft rock sound with the grooving piano and the driving drums. The guitar is electric throughout and the rasp in the singing adds to the personality of the song. The lyrics are able to reminisce on the good times the town used to have and how it “lived and died before you were born.”

The harmonies and upbeat melody show the genuine feeling the members of the town feel when people discover their town. The duo is able to nail that feeling of a certain place turning to a ghost town, such as a mall or an actual town. The song is passionate and is probably an electric song to hear live. It is accompanied by a music video where Tomorsky and Johnsmiller are performing split screen and it cuts between a town at its prime and an empty city.

The song is an excellent addition to a roots rock or classic rock playlist!

Reviewed by Katie Power





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