“Controller” by L!nwood

L!nwood has released a new single “Controller” and this digital-sounding track makes listeners feel like they are inside a videogame. The first few seconds of the 3:18 track even sound similar to a Super Mario Kart game and listeners are sure to enjoy this one.

This may be L!nwoods second track, but he’s already making his way to listener’s favorites lists. L!nwood has been able to take fun instrumentals and turn them into a creative hit.

This new-age rap and hip-hop track may even remind some listeners of a hit that would have come out in the mid-2000s. “Controller” contains heavy beats, base, and textures, while L!nwood has upped the track by adding loose sound waves and auto tunes.

Listeners can certainly tell that L!nwood had a lot of fun making this track because he references his own “Xbox” and “PS4” which appeals to several genres. 

L!nwood gets real on “Controller” and mentions that he “had to grow up” and how he “just wants control” of his life. This is something that listeners can relate to as life can get in the way and has it’s ups and downs.

“I really hate wasting my time/ want everything to work out first try.” L!nwood opens up about having good days and sometimes losing. “Got a lot on my plate/ and my dreams keep me awake/ not like I used to.” L!nwoods ambition will take him far. Make sure you follow L!nwoods socials because he has “more music on the way!”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester






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