“Bad Idea” by Brii Elliss

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone where you knew that heartbreak was the only outcome? But despite knowing this, you continue to go back to that relationship, and once it ends, you still have this, “What if?” question in the back of your head. All in all, it’s a bad idea, and this is part of what “Bad Idea” by Brii Elliss is about.

I love the production of this song so much! It starts with a lowkey piano, almost sounding like a harp! It also has this… atmospheric vibe to it, very much steeped in modern R&B’s roots.  The piano is consistent throughout the song, albeit in the background, and I think that makes the song so dynamic. 

Another nice point is the 808 claps when the chorus comes in. Personally, I love when R&B songs use these, just because it makes it so seamless.

Lyrically, this is dope! Let’s talk about the chorus: “I’m guessing you’re a bad idea, why’s it so hard for you to be real?” This song is about a relationship where someone won’t commit, as the artist has stated before. What makes this different from the usual break-up song is that Brii Elliss feels critical of her choices. As she sings, “But somehow I get drawn right back in”, she realizes that she hates the fact that the S/O won’t commit, but it’s so hard to let go when you love and care for someone.

What “Bad Idea” does perfectly, in my opinion, is that it has a realistic catharsis. Everyone would love to lay into their past partners, but not everyone talks about how they get drawn back into the chaos. Make sure you check out “Bad Idea” by Brii Elliss!

Written by Marcus Norris




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