“The Last Sunset” by The Spiritual Leaders

Oftentimes, we don’t pay enough homage to the roots of indie rock. While it is important to make yourself stand out, it is equally as important to give credit to the groundwork that was laid down. “The Last Sunset” by The Spiritual Leaders effortlessly achieves this task.

Musically, “The Last Sunset” pays homage while still doing something new. The band actually wrote this on an acoustic guitar before adding the electric guitar in (old approach), while programming in synthesizers and xylophones! (Newer approach)

The instruments mesh perfectly! I love the second verse where you hear the acoustic guitar more prominently. I think that having the acoustic guitar be the centerpiece really gives you a chance to focus on the lyrics a bit more intently. Now, my favorite part of this song is the use of the xylophone. Something about a xylophone in a song makes me feel so nostalgic, and it honestly makes this song feel like one that has always been in the back of my head. That’s another big reason why I enjoy the song so much, honestly!

Lyrically, this has some depth to it. Starting off with, “A brutal place of mind in a constant state of maintenance”, this is about someone who isn’t doing the best, mental health wise. This point is solidified as the singer croons about the book Ulysses not putting him to sleep like a stiff drink would.

I honestly love this. Thematically, this truly fits with the title, “The Last Sunset”. Somebody is going through extreme mental turmoil, where the only things that will help are drinking and escapism. It’s almost inferred that the fictional place is our character’s last sunset, at least before having to deal with the world once more. It’s just flawless how The Spiritual Leaders handle this subject matter.

If you’ve ever been someone who frequently uses escapism to deal with the world around you, or you are just somebody who is going through a lot right now, “The Last Sunset” by The Spiritual Leaders should come as a comfort to you that you aren’t going through it alone. Please check this song out, you will be happy that you did!

Written by Marcus Norris





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