“Life Force Lullaby” by Lee Miller Matsos

Inspired by facing his fears head on, pop artist Lee Miller Matsos is back with his single “Life Force Lullaby.” The singer is a musical theater performer turned pop musician; he is able to harness his storytelling into expressive lyrical works. Matsos is based in Ohio and recently went back to school to study contemporary music at Holland College, a Berklee College of Music partner institution in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. It was here he worked with producer Colin Gilmore Buchanan.

“Life Force Lullaby” has an uplifting melody while tackling more serious conversations. The build of the song is reminiscent of Matsos’s influences such as Coldplay and U2. “You won’t turn me away” is something the singer repeats to himself as a reminder that he is a valued person. The song allows both people in the song to start to trust each other and show that they care.

The groove of the drums and the melodic electric guitar blend beautifully to accompany Matsos’s strong singing voice. A piece like this shows a mix of natural talent and education on songwriting. It is obvious that Matsos puts a lot of time and effort into the music and art he creates. Pairing up with Buchanan allowed them to bring this song with such an important lesson to life.

When speaking on the song Matsos shared, “’Life Force Lullaby’ is about being saved – not FROM the things we fear, but BY GOING THROUGH the things we fear (things life can ask of us or force upon us). That’s where we find a force to help us that defies all explanation.”

Reviewed by Katie Power

Photo by Cheryl Debono, Michaelangelo’s Photography





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