“Pretty Vacant” by Ted & Alice Miller

Ted and Alice Miller are back and have released their new single “Pretty Vacant”, and listeners are in for a pleasant tune here, as their voices complement each other in a mysterious way.

Pretty Vacant” is not to be confused with the songs of the same name by Sex Pistols or even Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, but it does carry an individual tone and structure that makes Ted and Alice unique, and it makes them stand out against the crowd.

Ted and Alice Miller have a talent that speaks volumes in “Pretty Vacant” which is hard to find, while their tones work together on the track, they keep listeners invested by withholding simple anatomy and the song is easy on the ears and carries a fun-paced, foot-tap rhythm.

Ted and Alice have been inspired by classic Americana folk and this distinctive sound is enjoyable amongst all music lovers. “The pair disregards the search for image and fame and instead focuses on writing songs that speak to the deepest feelings of their listeners.” A song like “Pretty Vacant”, is more of what the music world needs.

Ted and Alice Miller have been able to build their audience and reputation by sharing love through their lyrics, instrumentals, and traveling. Since 2012 Ted and Alice have been winning over the “midwest folk scene” as well as their 2015 album “Small Talk” being named Americana Album of the Year

Dear music lovers, if you are on the hunt for music that feels familiar, and gasps a new fresh feel, this is what you need to hear. Make sure you follow Ted and Alice Miller for more music and live shows. 

Reviewed by Demornay Bester






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