“Brand New Scar” by Poster Boy

“Brand New Scar” by Poster Boy and Cole Loomis is one of those artsy, pop-adjacent tracks that’ll make you feel cooler just because you listened to it. With the crunchiest, most distorted synth textures you’ll ever hear and an abundantly autotuned lead vocal, this song pretty much runs the gamut of experimental effects. Plus, the melodies and chord choices just feel right. If you find yourself in the mood for something catchy but unconventional, “Brand New Scar” is your song.

A thumping kick drum starts the song off. Moments later, in comes the lead vocal: “I’ve got a brand new scar / Made by my brand new baby.” Waves of robotic harmonies envelop the melody as a pulsing synth plays the chords underneath. High-pitched background vocals interject periodically, keeping the mix rather interesting. As we transition between sections, new and increasingly distorted synth sounds flourish somewhat chaotically, maintaining that this isn’t some ordinary pop song. It’s something to be considered and analyzed stylistically, musically, and production-wise.

A piano-driven, broken-down pre-chorus brings us to a quieter place for just a moment, just to explode into a texturally rich chorus. The rhythm gets groovy. The chords fill up a lot more space. The vocals jump a little higher in register. It’s the kind of chorus you expect and appreciate from any good song.

Give this track some love on your choice of streaming service! You won’t regret getting to experience the dreamy, and ultimately wildly creative atmosphere that Poster Boy and Cole Loomis create.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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