“The Distance Between Us” by Jaded Jane

Jaded Jane has released their single “The Distance Between Us” and this beautiful melody of sounds is like nothing we’ve heard. “The Distance Between Us” is soft and hard-hitting all at once.

With thought-provoking lyrics and impactful tones, this art-pop sound is intriguing and is fueled with acceptance. “The Distance Between Us” is dreamy, edgy, and contains an indie-pop sound that easily catches the attention of those who need something new and uplifting. Jaded Jane has released multiple projects in the past such as, Everythism (2021), 117(2019), Salvation(2018) as well as many others. With “The Distance Between Us“, Jaded Jane continues to grow.

Jaded Jane has released “albums exploring various atmospherical and melodious landscapes as well as electronic ingenuity and innovation with the prominent sound artist Ǻke Linton.” An artist like this deserves to be heard and recognized. 

Jaded Jane is a platform created by the Swedish brother’s Axel Jane and Adam Olsson, where they both operate collectively and individually to create music and expression through movement and dance.

This path that we’re on and these bumps on the road/ we have more in common than what we’ve been told-”, “The Distance Between Us” is a song that will pull on heartstrings time and time again. Don’t forget to follow their socials for more on their music.

Reviewed by Demornay Bester






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