“Honey Trudge” by Anfang

Anfang has released “Honey Trudge” and it’s so fun, listeners can hardly stand it. “Honey Trudge” is fast-paced and exciting, this 3:38 track keeps up the momentum and only gives listeners a second to breathe before throwing us back into the abyss of tough punches and swift sounds.

Honey Trudge” is addictive and encapsulating, with perfectly timed riffs and synths, listeners will turn into fans quickly while waiting for more hits similar to this one.

Anfang was formed in “Chicago (of) 2018, ANFANG is an Alt/ Grunge Rock 3-piece fronted by the soaring vocals of singer/songwriter Andie Zargoza. ANFANG’s riff-heavy arsenal of sounds are driven by Christian Newman on bass/rhythm guitar, with Nick Rissler keeping things metronomically sound on drums.

As a band, each member contributes to the songwriting process, bringing their own sound and histories with them.” “Honey Trudge” carries an anthemic classic grunge sound that will have listeners wondering how they haven’t heard of Anfang before. This is a band that will last long throughout the cloud of artists in the same category. Anfang has the means to start over, and start with a clean slate, with even their band name meaning beginning.

Anfang’s vocals weigh heavy on the ears and it’s pure freshness to listeners unaware of how much talent this group contains.

Heed me, my torrid fever baby/ beckoning siren, like rapid fire/ keep it boiling darling I’m a-running Hell hath no hold on me tonight/baby pull my lever now-” Listeners will want more of Anfang as soon as they are graced with these heavy drums and base hits, make sure you follow them for more updates. “Cold hearts stay frigid to the bone.”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester





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