Artist Interview: “Hiding In Vancouver” by Sail Cassady

Q: Hi! I love the old-school acoustic rock vibe of “Hiding In Vancouver”; it has such a nostalgic yet contemporary feeling. Can you walk me through the creative process of making this track?

SAIL CASSADY: So when I was a kid I was raised partly by my Grandmother who exposed myself to lots and lots of old time music. It became a place of comfort and safety. Whenever I write music from that place I fall back into nostalgia. When I was writing the poem ‘Hiding in Vancouver’, I knew I wanted to turn it into a song and it needed that nostalgic feeling, since that was the place I was coming from in the poem. So I went with an old time crooner vibe to truly aid in expressing the emotion I’ve felt escaping to Vancouver as someone living in Victoria, across the pond.

Q: I’m always fascinated by how musicians got into their craft. Do you remember who or what made you fall in love with music?

SAIL CASSADY: I fell in love with music before I fell in love with anything. I used to lay my head on the piano keys and stare while listening to the sounds the piano made below my head. Music was my safe place. My refuge It allowed me in my entirety, not some watered down version. I loved when my Grandma was gone, I could sing about anything, and it never judged me.

Q: What was your favorite part in creating “Hiding In Vancouver”? 

SAIL CASSADY: When I wrote hiding in Vancouver I recorded it into my phone on a voice memo and sent it to Nathan, my friend and keyboardist from Sail Cassady and within an hour he had sent it back with keys already laid out and It really opened up for me at that moment. I’ve just loved watching it grow since then on its own with a seemingly individual path.

Q: What’s the music scene like in Victoria, Canada? Do you have any advice for other up-and-coming artists to get their names out there?

SAIL CASSADY: The music scene here in Victoria is brimming with talent. Sadly the venue situation cannot match the amount of incredible artists and bands that reside in Victoria. If I could give any advice to any artist, I’d say slow down. Take your time Write lots. Sit on records a bit after recording. Do some research and give yourself plenty of time to become a great artist or band. Release your music with a plan and find a like minded community to support you.

Q: If you could collaborate with any artist, dead or alive, who would it be?

SAIL CASSADY: If I could collaborate with any artist it would be Vancouver’s Devours. They make music from literally another dimension. I’m a huge fan and hope to one day meet them.

Photo credits: Sergio

Interviewed by Melissa Cusano

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