Nicky Buell, The Gay Agenda, album

“THE GAY AGENDA” by Nicky Buell

Spunky vocalist Nicky Buell blessed this undeserving world with his sophomore album, “THE GAY AGENDA,” a blissful nine-track record with a sassy presence that commands attention. The LGBTQ+ allure is the cherry on top because it’s for everyone to enjoy, and it’s inspiring especially Nicky’s bluntness.

Nicky’s first album, “Spongy Emeral Prince,” dropped in 2021. That bold and spirited Seattle star heard in “THE GAY AGENDA” is the same, only elevated to another level.

Starting with the first track, “CAMP,” Nicky unapologetically humiliates his ex by calling him out on his shit. And typically, breakup tracks are somber, with a string quartet and piano, and are heard in TV shows like Vampire Diaries with Elena Gilbert vexingly crying about something. However, this is a queer breakup song, which means one thing — attitude. Even the Queen of Soul demands respect with attitude. 

“CAMP” is an emphatic tune with a fat synth and bass presence. The orgasmic dynamics with the rhythm and beat are effortlessly enticing.

His vocals in the track are remarkable, with an impressive range.

The second track, “AM I THE DRAMA,” contains this spy-like swagger thanks to the double bass. While the instrumentation is splendid and clean, having the vocals more front and center is appreciative. The song features singer Anna Thompson, who Nicky has worked with before in his 2021 single, “Thirsty.”

Both singers are badass vocalists, and it’s great that they don’t hold back on flexing their vocal techniques.

“GROSS” has that “Michael Myers” vibe to it because of the note sequence in the background that rhythmically resembles the Michael Myers-themed tune. The strong bass presence and lively harmonies make it an exciting production.

Nicky Buella, The Gay Agenda, album

“OH BOY,” a sexy track, showcases Nicky’s incredible ability to execute controlled and crisp vocal riffs, giving goosebumps. The most breathtaking moment in “OH BOY” would have to be the auto-tuned harmonies during the instrumental pause. You can’t ignore the Kim Possible reference. Thanks, Nicky, for adding the ICONIC Kim Possible ringtone.

“I’m manifesting being a bad bitch,” Nicky said at the start of “BAD B*TCH.” You can hear the late ’90s and ’00s influence at the beginning of the song with the light and simple percussion (think Destiny’s Child meets N’Sync). Nicky knew what would grasp listeners’ attention and created a bop.

“You know I’m a fucking bad bitch / Rock, rockin’ that shit lit / You’re boring so I split / Can’t help but sparkle bitch.”

“BOY CRAZY” goes hard with the bass! Listeners are highly encouraged to listen to “BOY CRAZY” while on a walk, at the gym, or walking to work because it screams catwalk music.

“OXYTOCIN” has a similar sound instrumentally. But Nicky pulls the listener in with the fast vocal and lyrical style, laying it with attractive harmonies.

His singing is unbelievable in “BROMANCE – THE GAYER VERSION.” The Latin guitar is an unexpected but excellent addition.

“SYNTHETIC” is a relatable tune about the stress and anxiety of trying to mold into this society’s expectations, physically and mentally.

Nicky closes the album with “WHY?” It’s a slower tune with acoustic instrumentation and captivating harmonies. The ending, which allows the vocals to step forward, is refreshing and breathtaking.

“THE GAY AGENDA” is worth checking out! Join Nicky on his music journey by subscribing to his channels and following him on all platforms.

Written by Taylor Berry

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