“Something’s Brewing” by The Baker’s Basement

“Something’s Brewing” by The Baker’s Basement is an indulgently indie duet–and where it excels in atmosphere, it also excels in songwriting. You’ll find yourself humming it under your breath after just one listen. With its solid rhythmic integrity and relatable performance, it’ll solidify itself as a new favorite in no time.

It begins with a distant percussive motif and a few raked electric guitar chords. “Had another episode / Another day in a row,” one of the singers chimes behind a layer of distortion. The other singer soon joins in, draping a delicate harmony on top of the lead. The vocal effect that fills the mix feels a little like an old radio, injecting the sound with an ethereal, retro ambiance. With a poignant lyric and a big “whoosh,” we’re suddenly thrust into a clearer, more riving section. The tempo speeds up and the guitar riff steps to the front. The singers begin to mimic the motif it’s playing, breathing a bit of new life into it.

When the chorus eventually returns, the tempo change gives it a strong, infectious feeling. It’s a brilliant technique to present your chorus softly and sweetly the first time, only to bring it back with a bit more vigor and noise. It keeps the listener on their toes a bit. You’ll find that this song actually uses dynamics to its advantage several times, often dipping down to near silence so that the coming explosion is all the more climactic.

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Written by Alyce Lindberg





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