“Mission of Love” by Anton Commissaris

The legend himself is back! And he’s here with a new song, named “Mission of Love”. I’ve reviewed one of Anton’s previous songs as well (“She’s Not the Hurting Kind”), and I was excited to hear this one right here. I don’t need to introduce him, as you already know how good he is, so let’s get right to the meat of this review!

Musically, I love Anton’s style. Anton Commissaris is one jazzy dude! He feels like a throwback to the old school jazz musicians with his sound. Near the middle of the song, all you hear is instruments and it’s so perfect. That piano sounds so awesome and upbeat, the drums feel like they are the perfect contrast to the piano while being the best complement to it as well, and the horns are just the perfect surprise. Anton has perfected the art of paying homage by staying original. While this feels like a throwback, it’s not like anything I’ve ever heard before, and that’s impressive.

Lyrically, this is strong! Somewhat apt, as we’re a couple days removed from Valentine’s Day, this song is about a man who is vying for a woman’s affection. The song starts with him saying, “I’m on a mission to win your heart, I just can’t bare it when we’re apart”. Anton specifically said that this was about a man who wanted to prove to this woman that he could be her hero, and I think that the use of the word, “mission” is intentional. This is a man who is determined to show that he is the one for this woman. While this can be a difficult topic to handle, I think that Anton Commissaris handles it with grace.

Obviously, this is my interpretation, but I see the song as a man proclaiming his love to one woman: his wife. In the song, he also sings, “I’ll always be by your side”, and that to me says that these two know each other very well. I love this, because I think that either way, it shows an enduring love. It shows a man who is committed to making his woman happy, and it’s beautiful. As I said, this is my personal interpretation, but it’s beautiful either way.

There’s so much that I can say about this song and the music of Anton Commissaris, but the most important thing is that you listen to it. Make sure to give “Mission of Love” by Anton Commissaris a listen!

Written by Marcus Norris





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