“Chill N’ Vibe” by SV

Sv, Alyssa Jane, and Kevon Scott have released a smooth new hit titled, “Chill N’ Vibe” and it’s the perfect song to cruise to. In just 3:51 the crew gives us something sensual, slow, and steady; even if you weren’t looking for this, you’ve found it.

Chill N’ Vibe” starts as a gliding saxophone track that carries into sensualness and flowing sounds that remind r&b fans of the 90s. Instantly this song is a “vibe” and has become the perfect go-to song for those wanting something new to relax to.

The first set of vocals doesn’t come in until around one minute into the song, but don’t let this gear you away, the voice that emerges is strong and confident. There is something about this long intro that causes the listener to feel intrigued and relaxed by the instrumentals being heard.

The listener can’t help but wonder, how does the song get better? But around 1:08 our questions are answered, and as listeners turn into fans and then become followers, we put our r&b needs in the hands of SV, Alyssa Jane, and Kevon Scott. 

“I know you’ll never understand/ what it’s like to run from this/ but always get pulled back/ I just wanna make music-.” “Chill N’ Vibe” is a song made for those listeners that need to feel “stress relief and chill [you out] after a long day.

In conclusion, fans are ready to hear more of SV, Alyssa Jane, and Kevon Scott because this is a trio that is unmatched. 

Reviewed by Demornay Bester






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