“SUPERSONIC” by AARON ELVIS probably has the best energy of any pop song you’ll hear this month. It’s got a driving tempo with rhythmic hits in all the right places. The vocals are bright and skillful. The songwriting is natural–and honestly anthemic. Legitimately, it’ll be stuck in your head for days. If you like The Weeknd or similar artists, don’t miss out on this one.

It begins with a covered, distant rendition of some of the chorus motifs. Drenched in reverb, we hear guitars, vocal samples, and synths pile up as a build toward the verse: “I’ve tried so hard to break into your sound.” Aaron sings with a casually cool tone, flipping through words with ease. Synths mimic his melody on certain words, adding a tinge of excitement to the currently broken-down instrumentation. Bass and drums hum along in the background, not yet taking up too much of the sonic space. Background vocals bubble up for a brief pre-chorus, a dreamy little touch before the impending climax.

“You’re supersonic / Girl you got me hooked on you,” he sings with this uber-satisfying syncopation. The instrumentation goes wild–drums performing quick sixteenths and all the harmonic instruments holding down a slew of electric chords. You can’t help but dance. It’s a sincerely well-written chorus–no explanation needed. It’s a crime more people don’t know about this song, quite frankly. AARON ELVIS does a spectacular job at creating engaging, memorable music. So, please give him some love on your choice of streaming service or social media platform!

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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