Are you in need of a good heartbreak anthem for this Valentine’s season? “Low” by myles. has got you covered. Rife with soulful vocals, clean guitar motifs, and crisp percussion, this track just oozes authenticity, sentimentality, and ultimately, catharsis. Sometimes we all just need a little solidarity in our troubles, and myles. quite poetically provides it.

“I’ve been missing you like crazy / Since you left me at the door,” he sings, his tone clear, warm, and piercing. A guitar plucks out a simple chord progression alongside a barrage of snaps. The instrumentation takes a backseat to the lyrics while myles. spells out the exposition. We watch the scene unfold before us–an ex-lover who seems to be doing just fine, pined after by the speaker, who can’t understand his inability to get over her. myles. elevates the storyline with his agile, gymnastic vocals and effective melody choices.

As the song continues and we become a little more familiar with the situation, the instrumentation thickens. Drums, synths, and bass pour in, adding height and texture to the mix. We almost get to revisit the feel of the track, which previously came across as bittersweet and folksy. Now, it’s undeniably groovy. This repackaging allows it to stay fresh and exciting, while still getting at the heart of the message.

Give myles. some love on your choice of social media or streaming service! You’ll be smitten by his genuine, intimate style and beautiful vocal delivery. Plus, you might just have a new favorite melancholy pop song.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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