“Mermaid” by Transmissions

On first impression Transmissions “Mermaid” is addictive and translucent as it grabs listeners and pulls them into the deep end, (in the best way). “Mermaid” is fun, loud, and rock n roll at its finest.

Transmissions has released this staggering track infused with humor and effortless lyrics and fans will surely indulge. “Mermaid” is the first single from the band’s second upcoming album.

Transmissions describe “Mermaid [as] the tale of a drunkard stumbling upon a mermaid, who then sends him on a quest to earn her affection, which he declines but inadvertently fulfills.

In a whirlwind of emotions, “Mermaid” is filled with lyrics that are a fine take on day-to-day actions and light-hearted feelings that cause the listener to be invoked in a certain sadness that could be felt.

Mermaid” contains entertaining and amusing lines about the sea that perfectly fit the theme of the song. In just 2:50 the band speaks about their desires and the tone of the song has a cheerful taste to it that will continue to draw listeners back in.

I gave my money to a man I hate/ I hate the bartender/ but I love the barmaid.” “Mermaid” seems to be a realization about fulfilling our own needs and desires and how it’s necessary to survive.

Transmissions also state that “[They] are moving away from the sound of [their] first album into new territory, [while] still making a well-crafted rock ‘n roll song.” Fans want to hear more from Transmissions and are excited to hear what new direction the band will take.

Reviewed by Demornay Bester






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