“Alexi” by Oh Hannah is a lyrical masterpiece. It conveys such complex emotions in a poetic, relatable way. Plus, it’s set against a swirling backdrop of synths, backing vocals, and unique percussion. If you’re in the mood to be a little introspective and hypnotized, this one is for you.

“It would be you / The girl who threw her party shoes,” Oh Hannah croons, her voice brimming with reverb and layered doubles. A single synth pad holds down the chords, sentimental and sweet. We continue on like this for a good thirty seconds, drifting through an almost rhythmless sea of sound. Once the drums set in, the vocals rocket to a higher register, defining the sectionality and furthering the ‘slow burn’ methodology of the form.

“Sorry, Alexi / I think you’re on your own,” the chorus begins with a swell. Bass envelops the low end and the drums carry us down a steady, driving pathway. The words describe such a specific scenario, but not in an isolating way. Even with the particular wording, it’s easy to assign different meanings to her words. She crafts them to include poignant, authentic phrases which keep us invested.

Stay tuned for a constantly intensifying cloud of instrumentation and a wildly climactic key change! Oh Hannah delivers a track that nurtures every aspect of songwriting and musical performance. You’ll leave feeling uplifted and strangely melancholic all at once. It’s a brilliant display of artistry, so be sure to send her some love on your choice of social media or streaming service!

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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