“Little Bird” by Justine Vandergrift

Get ready for this rich, dreamy song to fly into your heart, Alberta singer/songwriter Justine Vandergrift released “Little Bird” the first single from her upcoming album Mountain Standard Time. The album will be released March 17, 2023. Vandergrift has a gift of writing and a voice perfect for singing the stories she tells. Her voice is calm yet full of emotion. She makes it all look easy but it’s clear that she has passion and dedication for the art she creates.

The single, “Little Bird” has an interesting story attached to it. Vandergrift was approached with the almost finished song written by her co-producer Trevor McNeely.

“Trev said he wrote it as a love song for his wife as they were expecting their child. With my own baby girl on the way, it feels timely to share this gentle and uplifting recording with the world,” Vandergrift shared about how the song came to be.

The Americana singer added her own verse to the song as well since it’s a topic she could relate to. The production is simple in all the right ways. The airiness made it feel like the listener was floating throughout Vandergrift’s song. It is able to highlight her smooth vocals with an intimate sounding acoustic guitar. The song has a similar feeling to a lullaby with the calming repetition of “little bird” and the steel guitar sliding throughout. The lyrics show both McNeely and Vandergrift’s talent for writing and the love they have for their children. It showcases this pure and true love.

So fly over to streaming services to check out “Little Bird” and presave Mountain Standard Time out March 17th!

Reviewed by Katie Power

Photo by by Sebastian Buzzalino





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