“Heart of Barb Wire” by Doc Fischbach

Capturing the feelings of empowerment and strength, Doc Fischbach is back with his new single “Heart of Barb Wire.” A Denver-based artist, Fischbach, has garnered a lot of local attention such as a live interview on 92.9FM and a feature on the competitive publication “Put it On Your Playlist.” Mental Health awareness is something very important to Fischbach, and that comes across through his thoughtful and vulnerable writing. “Heart of Barb Wire” is a epic survival story of the hero overcoming it all. The lyrics tell a deeper story of a poor relationship between a parent and child.

“When you grow up with a parent that treats you like you’re invisible, it can really negatively affect your growth and mental health,” says Doc Fischbach when speaking on the inspiration for the raw storytelling.

The song itself has an echoing chorus and staccato piano, allowing the song to build to its big conclusion. Fischbach cleverly adds the addition of small bells and elements that remind the listener of childlike toys. It goes a step further with the opening lyric being “once upon a time,” a classic introduction to fairy tales and stories we are told as children. 

Overall “Heart of Barb Wire” tells a story that many may feel voiceless or alone in. Fischbach does it in such a way that is thoughtful and creative. From the lyrics to the production, it is obvious that this is something Fischbach is passionate about. Even if the listener does not relate to the specific story, we have all felt isolated or ignored by someone we have cared deeply for. 

So be sure to check out “Heart of Barb Wire” and Doc Fischbach’s other projects as well!

Reviewed by Katie Power

Photo by Muhammad Waqa





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