“Mercy” by Shannon Hawley

Shannon Hawley and Nekter Gun have teamed up for the fearless track “Mercy” and it feels like we are walking on strong together. “Mercy” is honest, vulnerable, and free.

Shannon and Nekter deliver haunting voices and tones through their lyrics that deserve much praise. Hawley and Gun fulfill listeners with music that we didn’t know we needed, and it carries a natural flow that winds us up and spins us around.

Mercy” is like a tale of its own told from the perspective of girls, women, mothers, and those that relate. While Shannon conveys her verse, listeners cannot help but be intrigued by her voice, strong and soothing, as well as unmistakably confident.

Around 1:45 Nekter Gun presents us with his side of the story and it’s piercingly truthful, and listening to both sides of the narrative is like opening the blinds on a sunny day.

At the beginning of the 4:31 track, Shannon sends chills down the listener’s spine and the build that occurs close to 1:00 makes us want to dive deep into the song, heart-first. The sound of smashing guitars and crashing instruments is effortless from them both and the ending comes full circle.

“Before I die too young/ my heart was aching/ for all the women/ my knees were shaking.” Shannon sings on the track and opens us listeners up to a new world of emotions.

Both Hawley and Gun sing heart-filled words that listeners wish would be said to them, and these are lyrics that need to be heard.

Reviewed by Demornay Bester






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