“Bring It Down” by Hush Bewlay

“Bring It Down” by Hush Bewlay repackages, reinvents, and redelivers the 80s in the most satisfying way you could imagine. Overflowing with twinkly synths and drum-machine grooves, it almost resembles a Simple Minds song–even down to the singer’s deep, distinctive tone. While lots of musical acts have been resurrecting the 80s as of late, this particular atmosphere feels fresh. Hush Bewlay clearly knows just when and how to trigger our nostalgia and ultimately, our utmost attention.

The song begins with a jumble of textures. A soft vocal sample floats on top as crisp drums and a mobile bass line form the foundation. A steady barrage of electric guitar notes and a delightful synth melody peal through the intro, eventually landing us in the verse. “Don’t say I’m dreaming / While we’re watching the windows break,” the singer croons, low in register and swimming in reverb. The lyrics create dramatic imagery, propelled by a catchy melody.

The chorus bursts into life with a call-and-response between the vocal melody and the synth. This technique takes a repetitive motif and keeps it interesting by reimagining it, namely with different instruments or textures. Percussion also plays a part in the ambiance, providing various clicks, shakes, and bangs that may not be in the forefront, but certainly weave the web of sounds together.

Stay tuned for a rock-infused bridge and a sudden, gratifying ending. If you’re looking for a cool, vintage artist to obsess over, give Hush Bewlay a listen! You’ll fall in love with “Bring It Down.”

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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