“Song Cry” by Marc Rangel

“Song Cry” by Marc Rangel is an irreverent, unapologetic, severely gratifying song perfect for a contemptuous breakup. Crafted with crisp electronic drum patterns and dynamic, engaging vocal effects, this track feels chill and relaxing but delivers a gloriously spiteful message. It’s a juxtaposition you don’t encounter that often, but when it’s done right, it’s effectively dripping in irony.

Drums and vibrant swells kick the song off. The repetitive motifs have a duration long enough to keep it interesting, but short enough to create a sort of hypnotic, trance-like groove. A wave of synths washes over the mix as the chorus begins. Marc performs an acrobatic, autotune-laden melody on top of some tight harmonies. The percussion holds down an infectious rhythm, tinging the other sounds with an indisputable groove.

The verse begins with a string of quickfire lyrics, all lambasting an individual for the way they behaved in the face of a relationship/breakup. It’s rather empowering, preaching the value of knowing one’s boundaries and one’s worth. Plus, we do get a few peeks into Marc’s vulnerability in the bridge, giving us that layered dichotomy between freedom and loss we’ve all experienced in the wake of a breakup. At the end of the day, however, what Marc Rangel gives us is a catchy, dance-able, atmospherically brilliant piece of pop music that you can get some catharsis out of if you dig a little deeper. Be sure to give “Song Cry” some love on your choice of streaming service and follow Marc Rangel on your socials!

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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