“Sorry, Not Sorry (The Echo Sessions)” by Samantha Gibb

Looking for a pick me up and a song to make you think? Alt-indie artist Samantha Gibb has exactly what you’re looking for with “Sorry, Not Sorry (The Echo Sessions)” available everywhere now. The single is from her EP Echoes, a collection of songs that Gibb released in 2022 with a new take. Growing up in Miami and now based in Nashville, Gibb grew up surrounded by music. Now she is sharing her growth and owning her mistakes.

“I wanted to create a softer, acoustic/country take to all of them. This EP includes songs that are about empowerment, courage, love, connection, and community,” Gibb shared her inspiration for the project.

“Sorry, Not Sorry (The Echo Sessions)” breathes new life into “Sorry Not Sorry.” This version embraces the lessons and mistakes versus the confidence found in the full production. The versatility of these two versions allows the listener to find something new in the lyrics each time. “Sorry, Not Sorry (The Echo Sessions)” is acoustic and stripped back, you can hear influences from 90s artists such as Lisa Loeb and Natalie Imbruglia.

The storytelling and rawness of it gives a new layer of vulnerability. “Maybe I’m not sorry, sorry” is the hook of the song where Gibb fights with herself about owning who she is and no longer apologizing for it. The big sound and chanting in the chorus allow the confidence to be felt, just softer. This overall softness is a strong direction for Gibb’s voice and lyrics. It feels like this is exactly how this song always wanted to sound.

So be sure to go listen to “Sorry, Not Sorry (The Echo Sessions)” and the rest of the Echo Sessions EP!

Reviewed by Katie Power

Photo by Lazaro Rodriguez





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