“Just Fine” by Slightest Clue

Whether it’s on the dance floor or on your daily commute, “Just Fine” by Slightest Clue is perfect for any occasion. The Vancouver-based band is fronted by bassist Hannah Kruse. Kruse also wrote this song solo in her locked down bedroom when she was longing to be on the dance floor. The song is a single is from the band’s 5-song EP Twin Silver available everywhere now.

Slightest Clue actually doesn’t have a clue how the band ended up working so well.

“It’s like the secret after-school project of four kids who would have passed each other without a glance in the hallway at school,” Kruse shares when talking about the band.

As a band that found themselves by chance, they have been able to capture magic in the way they play with each other and allow each other moments to shine.

“Just Fine” comes out the gate with an explosive started and driving electric guitars. The instrumental introduction allows the song to build before Kruse begins her verse. Kruse’s voice is quiet yet conversational. The influence from Lorde is obvious in her rhythm and rasp but she can make it all her own through her inflections and lyrics. They also have a Paramore-feel with Kruse fronting the rock band on this track. Kruse’s lyrics are both personal and infectious. Her clever wordplay is scattered throughout the song, and it is fun to listen to her set the scene and share her secrets.

The production is layered and every listen you can find something else to love. Whether it’s the background vocals in the chorus or the funky bass line, each element of the song is unique and never overcrowded.

So come party with Slightest Clue and their new single “Just Fine” out now!

Reviewed by Katie Power





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