Said Sara has released “Same” and it gives listeners so many emotions, it pulls on our heartstrings and ties them in a knot. In just 3:52 we get a sense of every tough feeling felt and expressed while hearing this track.

Said Sara places their feelings into this track and creates a piece of visual art in our minds. Around 2:15 we get a sense of change, the direction of “Same” becomes something deeper, something much more painful and intense. The vocals take a new direction and strike us as chilling and painful. This part of the track even contains lyrics like “curse”, “teeth”, and “tongue”.

The cover art for Said Sara’s track pairs brilliantly with “Same” and projects emotions that deliver sadness and agony, but that shows the talent that the band contains. With an artistic cover, this reveals that Said Sara has a lot to sing about, and that they are determined to go so much further than they have. Among their past music, (Said Sara (EP)2020, (I Star As You)2020, (Bleedways) 2021), (Sea) 2022), “Same” sticks out like no other in the best way.

To crush the thrill I gut/ disembowel / I cut/ close down or count love/ drown/ consider yourself at home”, the first few lines are uneasy and gloomy and take you by surprise if you haven’t heard the band’s past work. “I knew the day that I saw/ that all inside your fist/ the way you move the wrist.

Listeners end up holding their breath to try and decipher their own emotions.

There is one thing for certain about the band, they are unique and carry an addictive eerie feeling that we all want to hear more from.

Reviewed by Demornay Bester






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