“Wild Cage” by Yify Zhang

Electronic artist Yify Zhang’s dynamic new track “Wild Cage” is a journey of a song. Comprised of captivating vocals and an enthralling instrumental, along with a colorful music video, “Wild Cage” takes leaps and bounds that I, for one, have not heard in the music industry in a long time. Songs that create an emotional response from the listener are what music is all about, and Yify Zhang deserves recognition for that.

“Wild Cage” begins with a slow-building instrumental and then gets silent, showcasing a woman looking outside the window, longing for something, although we don’t know precisely what. As the song continues, the lyrics delve deep into the heart and the mind and how we can feel trapped within our own heads. 

The music video showcases a woman walking alone in different places, some rather beautiful and some industrial. No matter where life takes her, she (who really represents all of us) somewhat still feels trapped, even if we don’t want to live this way. 

“Wild Cage” genuinely feels like it belongs in a movie. Not only do the lyrics tell a story, but the instrumental, which consists of piano and a hard-hitting base, does as well. From the first note to the last, Yify Zhang showcases her undeniable talent for storytelling, which is beautiful. 

Take a listen to “Wild Cage,” out now on all major music streaming platforms.

Photo credits: Shervin Lainez

Written by Melissa Cusano


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