Artist Interview: “Bad Girls Can Dream” by Kristin Hope

A music city native with a powerhouse voice, it is really no surprise that Kristin Hope is making a name for herself in rock music with her electric new single “Bad Girls Can Dream.” Coming off the release of her dynamic EP Here To Be Entertained, she continues to be a fierce force in the songwriting world.

Though this single is categorized as Rock, Hope lets her songwriting fall into whatever genre feels right for that song. She prides herself as a singer/songwriter that has penned most of her works, but still records music written by others if she feels called to. That is exactly what happened with “Bad Girls Can Dream,” which was written by her songwriting partner Rick Gaylor.

We had a moment to sit down with Kristin Hope and talk to her about her current single, advice she’d give to young writers, and her plans for 2023!

Q&A with Kristin Hope

Q: How has your year been so far? Any highlights?

HOPE: Good overall! As far as highlights –I’ve been getting back into playing classical piano. That’s what I grew up playing before I went the rock and roll direction. Although my favorite genre to perform is still rock, it’s fun to play classical pieces.

Q: So can you talk about who or what got you into songwriting, and what drew you to the rock/singer-songwriter genres in particular?

HOPE: I used to write poetry when I was young. That combined with my love of music, and I ended up writing lyrics instead of poems. As far as genres, I’m not really a fan of the “singer-songwriter” genre for the most part. I have been a fan of rock for a long time… different genres of rock, especially older ones, but some current. It’s hard to say what drew me to that genre, but music has always been a place of solace and peace for me. I just like fast beats and loud guitars mixed into my peace.

Q: What is the music scene like as a singer/songwriter in Nashville?

HOPE: Nashville has changed a lot over the last 15 years. I miss the old Nashville. But one thing that stays the same is you can always find multiple live music options any given night of the week.

Q: What has been your favorite show or venue to play at and why?

HOPE: My favorite show was one last year when I sang with several other talented artists on the stage at the same time and it felt like everyone was working together well. I believe in encouraging other people’s artistic endeavors. I’ve witnessed a little bit of sneakiness amongst some music-makers. Yet, there are also some very genuine people. That show had a lot of genuine artists all rooting each other on. 

Q: What song has been your favorite to perform live?

HOPE: As a vocalist,  almost any Aerosmith song is very fun to sing. Steven Tyler does so many sensational things with his voice.

Q: What advice would you give to your younger self or young songwriters aspiring for a career in the music industry?

HOPE: A lot of people use smoke-and-mirrors to look like they are more “successful” than they really are. Don’t compare yourself to others. I read a quote recently, “Comparison will make you feel either superior or inferior. Neither honors God.” It took me a long time to get over stage fright – and because of that, it took me longer to get taken seriously. After all, you can tell people you like to sing and make music, but in Nashville, the pervading thought is, “So does everybody else.” No one takes you seriously until they see you doing it. I think the sequence of having disabling stage fright and then feeling like I was late in the game in “proving myself” got to me more than I’d like to admit at times. But all that matters is that I’m doing it now. To be able to do what you enjoy is a part of success, and it doesn’t matter where that falls in relation to other people and what they are doing.

Q: What artists have you been listening to lately? Any recommendations?

HOPE: I’ve been listening to a little bit of every decade of rock, from the 50s through current. I like some music from other genres too, especially old country and jazz. As far as recommendations go, Dolly Parton’s cover of Drives Me Crazy from 2008 is a gem that I forgot about and rediscovered recently. 

Q: What does success as a musician and songwriter mean to you?

HOPE: Success for me, musically-speaking, would mean that I make a full-time living performing and creating music. I don’t expect or want fame.

Q: What are some of your goals – whether musically or otherwise – for 2023?

HOPE: To travel some more with my husband and to keep progressing musically!

Reviewed & Interviewed by Katie Power




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