“Go Kart” by Kahnin

Kahnin is back again with “Go Kart” and its smooth and easy-flowing melodies get us in a happy mood. Kahnin’s joyful raspy voice makes this track fun and addictive with his mixture of 80s and 90s instruments that blend so well to form a full circle with the lyrics.

Go Kart” is perfect for any season and listening feels like coasting and enjoying a beautiful sunny day. This is a great track for those who are wanting to be in a better mood, maybe skip around, and purely bask in life.

Kahnin’s message is clear while listening to the track, feel young, feel free, celebrate life, and this is the kind of tune that the music world needs more of. 

Listeners have easily turned into fans and expressed their love for Kahnin’s music calling this track “Cool [tune], strong Shawn Mullins meets early Collective Soul vibe.” As well as a “MASTERPIECE” and “Charming!”.

We just want to celebrate (she’s a one-trick pony riding in my go kart.) We just want to have fun (1x). We just want to stay up late (looks so good wanna give her my go kart).

The music video for “Go Kart” is simply black and white, directed by Drey, and although Kahnin is only in the presence of himself, the clips are entertaining, good-feeling, as well as easy-going.

The music video also has great effects and looks like natural lighting throughout the entirety of the clips which makes it more intriguing to watch. The use of the sun and the wind in the video are a pleasure to watch as well as naturally gratifying. Make sure you follow Kahnin to see what he’s up to next!

Reviewed by Demornay Bester







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