“Ever Evolving” by Bridges

Bridges has given us excellence with “Ever Evolving” and it’s pure and free. Her voice graces our ears with a newness that makes her stand out from the music that is current these days.

Ever Evolving” is free and has open instruments and melodies that are unconfined as well as undefined and it’s easy to listen to on repeat. Bridges is unlike any artist we have heard before, as her voice is radiant and she is much more than just one genre.

This Texas native is clearly in her own lane as she navigates from acting to music, fashion, beauty and back again. Although Bridges is not new to the game she is finally getting more of the attention that she deserves as “Ever Evolving” sweeps onto playlists.

While listening to Bridges we fall in love with her voice and its presentation. There is much to love about “Ever Evolving” and it contains strong messages of making a difference within yourself and changes that we go through. There are many senses of realization in this track and an understanding that we go through tough situations, but it’s not too late to make changes in our lives.

“So I take that message and I absorbed it/ knock all my planets out of orbit/ and I’m the root of my problems/ so now I can solve them/ ever evolving.”  

Make sure you keep an eye out for what’s next for the heart-felt queen.

Our personal is favorite line: “From birth to life/ we are evolving/ from death to life/ we are all evolving”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester






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