“I Can’t (Radio Edit)” by Natalie Jean

Both a critically acclaimed singer and versatile artist, Natalie Jean has released her new single “I Can’t (Radio Edit)” – available everywhere now. The singer has a passion for female focused charities and supporting other women in the music industry. She co-founded Sisters in Music and does her own interview show “Chatting With Nat.” Jean has been nominated for over 100 awards for her music and is a Voting Member for The Recording Academy (GRAMMYS).

“I Can’t (Radio Edit)” is a deeply personal song for Jean. It was a song born from grieving and trying to let go. The singer shared that it was written after the loss of her close friend and piano player, whom she had known for over nine years. The single does an excellent job driving home the struggle of getting over such a tough thing. She repeatedly sings, “I’m in denial. I can’t” as a way to show the listener the loss of words she has over this situation. The chorus is big and memorable in contrast to the intimate and conversational verses. The instrumental picking drove the song and the addition of stomp claps was a nice touch to give it another larger-than-life moment.

Another piece of the song that sticks out is the beginning, Jean sings about wishing to call this person and realizing it is impossible, through this she touches on such a relatable moment. Anyone who has experienced loss like this can remember the moment when it felt real and permanent. “I Can’t (Radio Edit) allows Jean to grieve and show these emotions are valid and we are not just robots who can pretend everything is fine all the time. Her vulnerability and lyrics on this track are next level and I look forward to her upcoming releases.

Reviewed by Katie Power





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