“Last Words” by Melyssa Lee

“Last Words” by Melyssa Lee is characterized by deeply meaningful lyrics atop a simple yet effective acoustic guitar. As she croons, a story about life, death, and the intricacies of having to say goodbye pours from the track, enveloped in Melyssa’s soft, conversational vocal style. It actually resembles a very traditional, nostalgic type of folk ballad—so if you’re in the mood to either reminisce or contemplate, this song is for you. It’s the perfect soundtrack for an early-morning walk or a late-night drive.

We’re ushered into the song with an electric guitar riff, embellishing the minor undertones of the acoustic guitar beneath it. “The night they changed the sheets / I felt her in my dreams / Now somebody else lays softly in her place,” Melyssa almost whispers. Already, we’re hit with a pretty heart-wrenching lyric. There’s a very personal element to it, but also, an element of understanding and universality. Great songs always tend to ride this line with both specificity and ease.

The sections flow by, ebbing and flowing with dynamic changes, different chord tonalities, and fluctuating vocal delivery. With a strum of a non-diatonic minor chord, we feel the pain of loss in our bones. As it switches to a sort of light-hearted major, we instead feel hope. All of the minute songwriting aspects come together to make “Last Words” an emotionally layered experience. So, be sure to give Melyssa Lee a follow, a stream, and a download! Her talent absolutely emanates from this beautiful, divinely creative track.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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