“I Wonder” by Fat Cat Affair

Fat Cat Affair and Costie Payne team up for this excellent diverse instrument-filled track titled “I Wonder”. This emotional r&b gospel track is sincere and honest as it’s infused with questions that evoke memories and thoughts of love.

There is great meaning behind this track as Claude ‘Hotlips’ Fontaine first met in a small club in Montmartre and hit it off after some jamming and a few drinks.

This was the start of a wonderful friendship. With members Nicoli ‘Fingers’ Novak, Jimmy ‘Bones’ McCormack, Tony ‘Tik Tok’ Valentino and Olivia Bellerose, the band was set and balanced.

Overtime, feelings became mixed between Olivia and Nicoli and resulted in an overwhelming tragedy of Bellerose taking her own life. Of course, things were not the same after this awful loss and the band split.

Although this track has an upbeat tone, it’s more than that. It’s heartbreaking, sad, grief stricken and sounds like a goodbye to an old friend.

“We walked under the blue skies and in the moonlight/ another year goes by” The closer we listen, the more we understand the story behind the band, and in a way, this is a chapter from a book of theirs. The band’s memories will live on, as well as their memories with Olivia. Upon our first reading of the story, this was unexpected and devastating, and our hearts go out to everyone who was and is affected.

If you want to read the story for yourself, here is a link.

Our personal is favorite line: “I’m just too tired to wait and I wonder why I met you too late.”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester






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