“Great Expectations” by Magdalia

“Great Expectations” by Magdalia combines a powerful vocal performance with some of the most memorable melodies you’ll ever hear. The production value lies low, allowing Magdalia’s voice to not only take center stage but carry the song. It’s dreamy, sparse, and emotionally gratifying. If you’re a fan of Lorde, you’ll be absolutely delighted with this song.

It begins with some crisp rhythmic textures. Clicks, pops, and claps introduce the somewhat minimalist atmosphere. “Against all my reason / I’ve been all that I could be,” Magdalia chimes. No harmonic elements bolster her–just drums. It feels soulful and anticipatory. One spacey synth fades in, and the melody climbs this infectious scale. It takes a turn for an indie pop ambiance rather than something bluesy, both juxtaposing and complimenting the previous verse. Magdalia continues to solidify herself as a genre-bender as we approach the chorus: “Great expectations only lead to heartache.” She belts emotively, inviting us into this despondent message that people often disappoint you. It’s one of those songs that might seem kind of depressing but is genuinely healing through catharsis and solidarity. Magdalia channels the true beauty of music as a whole by packaging painful emotions in a constructive and relatable way.

Stay tuned for an instrumental climax, some ethereal background vocals and synth textures, and a poignant ending. “Great Expectations” is a prime example of how a talented vocalist can take a good song and make it invariably brilliant. Plus, with the help of a tasteful producer, you end up with a masterpiece.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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