“Promises” by Genuine Leather

Genuine Leather is here with “Promises” and we promise it’s a good time (get it?) This feel-good track is upbeat, happy and saucy. Genuine Leather (love this artist name, by the way) has a unique alternative pop-soul kind of sound and it’s just as addictive as it seems.

Promises” carries an 80s vibe that has whisking instrumentals that we can’t help but dance to. In just 3:17 we feel what Genuine Leather is offering, and it’s got a sensual tempo, high mood, and ambient texture.

Genuine Leather does this track justice by making listeners feel alive and wanted not only by the lyrics used but the honesty of “Promises” and the emotions that we gain from hearing it.

I got you made/ I got you making promises/ I got you wading to everlasting/ I heard you say/ I just do what my body says.”GL has fun here, and these playful words are exciting and riveting.

This Texas native has given us listeners a kind of disco magic that thrills our ears and has us wanting more. We crave another play and we want to hear more like this track from Genuine Leather, and if you feel like this too, you should check out his other masterpieces like Low Heaven, Sweet Spot and So Many Ways.

Make sure you check out Genuine Leather and find out what he’ll be up to next.

Our personal is favorite line: “Don’t make me wait here down here on my knees/ baby, cause I’ll wait a long time.

Reviewed by Demornay Bester





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