“19” by Taylor Jules

“19” by Taylor Jules is the most uplifting, youthful, anthemic, and bittersweet song you’ll ever hear. Replete with powerful vocal moments, delightfully off-kilter chord choices, and those iconic, coming-of-age-type lyrics, it builds an atmosphere defined by freedom and inspiration. If you’re 19, you’ll be immersed in catharsis, and if you’re not, Taylor Jules will have you either reminiscing or looking forward.

“Don’t it feel like Heaven above? / Driving in the car with the stereo up / You and me could rule this town one day,” Taylor croons over a gentle piano progression. Her voice is soft but brimming with potential energy. As we careen toward the chorus, she creates a little lyrical plotline for us to follow, which eventually culminates in the hook. With an eruption of background vocals and a beautiful key change, Taylor takes off into a belt. The melody takes her riffing down a new scale, showing off her immense control and bright, clear tone. There’s a euphoric ambiance to this section, bathing the listener in this spacey, daydream-like state. Doubtlessly, it takes a lot of songwriting and performing prowess to create such an effect.

The rest of the song toggles through many of the same motifs and sections, but with some added synths and a steady drum groove. If you stick around, you might even get to experience a touching, broken-down rendition of the chorus. Be sure to give Taylor Jules a listen, a follow, and a download! You’d be missing out if you didn’t. Her artistry is not only incredibly solid, but she has so much potential to do something great.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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