“Gone with the Wind” by Mystik Fool

Mystik Fool is here with “Gone with the Wind” and it gives us a sense of peace and serenity while listening. This track is filled with calming sensations and we can’t deny how great it feels. This multi-talented instrumentalist opens us up to new life and new awakenings.

Gone with the Wind” is spiritual, freeing, and eye-opening, and Mystik Fool comes across to us at the perfect time, because there is no such thing as coincidences.

MF is deeply understanding and while listening, we feel like we are flying along with him. Even the cover art for “Gone with the Wind” contains its own beauty and tone, and shifts at the perfect times.

All throughout the track Mystik Fool confronts feelings of wanting to get away and we almost feel him ask us if we want to join him and escape the everyday pressures of life.

“Gone with the Wind” is cinematic and purely exhilarating, and us as listeners crave more of this undefined genre daily. MF presents us with the ability to capture our ears and keep us engaged from the moment the song starts.

“I’m waiting for you to show me/ show me the way to the promised land/ can you take me there?” Here we wonder exactly what he means by this. Curiosity keeps us engaged in the entirety of the 5:28 track. Make sure you check out Mystik Fool’s upcoming projects and become mystified.

Our personal is favorite line: “Watch me fly, fly away/ I’m gone with the wind/ I’m never coming back again”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester







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