“Yellow Lines” by T.I.G.Y.

“Yellow Lines” by T.I.G.Y. falls somewhere in the realm of an Imogene Heap, AURORA, or Grimes song, but with a tinge of beautiful individuality. If you’re an electronic pop fan, you’ll revel in the subtle synth textures and percussion grooves. If you’re into more of a singer-songwriter-type style, you’ll swoon over the anthemic melodies and poignant lyricism. With that said, T.I.G.Y. makes sure there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re fascinated or emotionally moved, this song will touch you somehow.

The intro toggles between two minor chords, emphasized by a kick drum, a muted guitar, and some buzzing synths. “Yellow lines / Up all night / Out too late / Friends can’t wait,” the vocals float atop the instrumentation with a bittersweet softness. The chorus suddenly pops into view, blossoming with a busier drum groove and a wonderfully gymnastic melody. As T.I.G.Y. tumbles through complicated, ethereal runs, we experience a slight thematic change. You start to get the sense that the youth and freedom present in the verses may have been misguided or troubled. This juxtaposition keeps the listener invested, wondering what kind of emotion might be revealed next.

Stay tuned for an even more eventful final chorus, chock full of pulsing synths and climactic arrangement choices. If you’re not already in love with T.I.G.Y.’s musical elegance, you’ll be convinced by the rest of her wide discography. “Yellow Lines” is the perfect, dreamy pop song for your morning walk or nighttime drive. Be sure to give her a like, follow, and download!

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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