“Suddenly The Rain” by Mac Summer

“Suddenly The Rain” by Mac Summer has all the frenetic drum work and beautifully performed vocals you could want from an EDM song. Awash with synths, feel changes, and gloriously melodramatic lyrics, the song can just as easily imbue you with thoughtfulness and self-reflection as it can make you dance. A great EDM track will always instill both, and “Suddenly The Rain” is no exception.

A singular synth hit rings out, embellished with other swishing, wispy textures. Piano intervals soon overtake the mix, climbing up an anticipatory scale. You’re almost holding your breath–waiting for something to happen. Some vocals pour in, deep and drenched in reverb and echo. Then, after a moment of dreamy, rhythmic ambiguity, the beat falls into place. A Sparkling synth riff moves behind the quick, elaborate beat. As the vocals fade, the drum work becomes even more infectious, taking on an almost drum solo-esque atmosphere before splitting into the next section.

This time, a female vocalist takes over. Her tone contrasts the intro with this powerful yet breathy affectation. Immersed in harmonies, she crafts a memorable and well-suited chorus, complementing the production with not only technical musicality but effortless style. From then on, it feels like a genuinely enjoyable pop song over an experimental background. Creativity just oozes from the track, leaving you feeling like you’ve truly heard something new. Mac Summer infuses this track with some undeniably electric energy. So, be sure to give “Suddenly The Rain” some love on your choice of streaming service.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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