“Out of the Woods” by Craig Gould

Jump into the majestic folk tales of Folk/Americana artist Craig Gould and his new single “Out Of The Woods.” Gould is a critically acclaimed singer/songwriter. He has seen his previous singles reach the top ten on both Amazon Music and The iTunes charts. He has already had significant milestones in his career such as being featured in BBC introducing and touring with acts such as Levellers and Ocean Colour Scene.

“Out Of The Woods” is a wonderfully crafted story with wit and love. Gould has a knack for weaving in unique words into his songs, which further drives home how clear his voice comes across throughout his discography. The song mirrors a fable, painting the life of a bear suffering from anxiety and questioning what is next for him. Gould has expressed the importance of mental health awareness and he drives that home in the bridge of the song. He sings, “he feels alive, he has survived his war within.”

Outside of the lyrics, the production perfectly sits behind Gould’s voice, so as a listener we can understand his poetic lyrics and enjoy the world he has built. The riff that plays throughout the song includes fiddles and they beautifully glide throughout the song. There is the inclusion of tambourine and guitars that continue in the back.

The song is purely captivating from the thoughtful story to the gorgeous melodies. It is obvious that Gould has found his sweet spot and it has only gotten sweeter. The UK singer-songwriter is currently on a 2023 tour entitled “Songs From The Campfire” with support from The Noble Thieves. So be sure to check out his website to see if Gould’s coming to your city!

Reviewed by Katie Power

Featured Photo by Phil Drury @2324Photography





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