“Holiday” by The Venus Figurines

“Holiday” by The Venus Figurines has one of the heaviest riffs you’ll ever hear. Verging on atonal, this song lies somewhere between nu-metal and alternative rock. It’s more melodic than your classic metal song, but way grittier than your run-of-the-mill indie rock tune. The constant modality of it implies some intense musicianship from the bands’ members, and the tight production implies a serious ear for mixing. If this is your genre of choice, you’ll be overjoyed with “Holiday.”

The guitar riff, at first, toggles between two notes. Each phrase culminates in a crunchy tritone, an indication of the coming intensity. By the time bass and drums join, the energy is electric. The intro is incredibly successful in foreshadowing the atmosphere of the coming song. Vocals suddenly pour in: “Give it up for the bigger man / He’s on Holiday / How does he sleep at night / Meanwhile, they’re on leave with no pay.” Uttered through this thick rasp, the singer delivers quite the indignant, powerful message. Verse by verse, he changes his performance to incorporate some spoken and screamed lines. The unbridled passion of these moments heightens the tension of the song and also emphasizes certain aspects of the lyric.

The chorus sports a much more repetitive yet catchy melody. This is where the listener can really latch onto the hook. From there, we get a guitar-driven instrumental and a climactic ending. If you’re looking for a frenetic song with a thought-provoking message, “Holiday” is the perfect fit. The Venus Figurines knocked this one out of the park.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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